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Our shop was established since 7 decades in the old Gold Souk in Damascus (beside the Omayade Mosque) that was burn down by a big fire in 1960. My father founded the business and he was one of the few handicrafts to excel
in the jeweler industry, such as engraving, setting, crimping and polishing, etc.
In the seventies, we had the first chains production factory (Italian style with different shapes and sizes), also necklace, watch bracelets, medallions, rings and many other productions.
Our shop is reputed in the production of filigree, engraving, sawing, enameling and dyeing the designs in different colors. We are persisting to focus on the technical value, beauty, refining and a wide range of designs in order to satisfy all taste.
We are proud to issue that leaflet to introduce our products and we are ready to execute any order for new design to please our clients. Our prices are invincible and our quality is the highest.

يعود تأسيس محلنا الى سبعة عقود مضت، حيث كان فى سوق الصاغة القديمة فى دمشق بجانب الجامع الاموى قبل الحريق الذى أتى عليه فى عام 1960. ولقد كان والدى (مؤسس المحل) من القلائل الذين برعوا فى صناعة الحلى والتفنن فيها من نقش وتركيب وصقل وغيرها ... وفى السبعينات من القرن الماضى كان لدينا اول مصنع لصناعة السلاسل (الموديل الايطالى التربيع والجدل والكعاب بقياسات متنوعة) وصناعة النسيج الذهبى لاجل الاساور والعقود وكساتك الساعات والمدليات والخواتم وغيرها من تصاميم الاسماء والصور اليزريه والملونه التي تمتاز بدقه فائقه.